PATCOMM Trading Ltd.

PATCOMM Trading Ltd in the year 2016 to serve the underprivileged and neglected sector, which form the core of group’s financial inclusion drive. PATCOMM is the trading arm of the group, which will be supplying superior quality consumer products and allied services at a competitive price to the sector for improving their standard of living.

The trading company is operating from the strategic location of Samayapuram –Tollgate,Trichy in the NH 45, which is facilitating the receiving of goods from suppliers and further channelizing it to all our MFI branches for delivering it to the clients in an easy and prompt manner.

The company operations are planned and streamlined by the Managing Director, who has decades of experience in the social business activities. Its day-to-day activities are managed by a team of dedicated personnel, who have vast field experience of working among the people.

As the group concerns PAT , PAFT & PATCOMM are poised to grow in the coming years. The customer base of consumer goods is expected to be multi-folded. Also, PATCOMM is planning to market its products to people from all walks of life.