Ms.Sumathi - Milky Way To Success

Ms.Sumathi, in her early forties had moved into T.Kallikudi village after marriage. She is a qualified teacher and was working in a nearby school drawing sizeable salary to support her family. Due to some family reasons, she has to leave her job and remain intact to home. She was feeling bitter, worried over being unable to contribute to family economically. Her in-laws , who are residing nearby involved in the trade of breeding cows for milk. She started contemplating to join the trade for good, but where to mobilize fund was a big question. She had the option of approaching any MFI working in the area for an IGL. But to her good fortune as she claims, she came to know about ABL provided by PAT duly supported by NKFL ( NABKISAN Finance Ltd). She availed a loan of Rs 50,000 and purchased cow, this was in addendum to already owned cows by her in-laws. The wholesome production of milk from the common backyard is supplied to the nearby society and the payment is received from time to time. The amount is shared among the family members in due proportion. Now, Ms Sumathi is satisfied with her life that she is able to contribute to the family running and that too based at home itself.


Ms.Sellakumari - Milky Way To Success

Ms.Sellakumari, aged 55 from the T-Kalvikudi, a secluded village in LalgudiTalukof Tiruchirappalli District is a mother of 4 children. She lives with her son, daughter-in-law and husband, while her 3 daughters got married and settled in different parts of the state. The ½ acre land, which is the only source of income for the family has turned barren due to water scarcity. In such constrained circumstances, PAT has become a ray of hope for her. The Activity Based Loan(ABL) provided by PAT for purchasing Milch Animals had brought smiles in her face and confidence to lead a dignified life. She availed Rs 50,000 from PAT and purchased Desi Cow and milked her way to success. She supplies the milk to the nearby society and receives the payment for it on regular basis. The stable income comes handy to run her cash-starved family.