P. Chitra - Housewives turned hoteliers

P. Chitra aged 39,  mother of two sons is having a busy morning schedule preparing to send her two sons to the college and ingredients required for her small eatery in the busy lane of T-Palur, Ariyalur District. The growth story of Ms.Chitra is very phenomenal, her husband is a motor mechanic and use to earn a nominal income to run the family. But, Ms.Chitra was an aspiring lady and would like to attain an elevated life through sheer hard work and perseverance. She approached PAT for a loan of Rs.7000 in the year 2002 to equip her husbandmechanic shop, which was in requirement of latest machineries and tools to modernize the shop.


S. Rajeshwari

The success story of Ms. S. Rajeshwari of Kotiyal village is an indicator that access to the financial resources to women will change fortunes of the family. Ms.Rajeshwari’s eatery is located in the main road connecting T-Palur and V. Kaikatti, doing brisk business throughout the day. Rajeshwari’s association with PAT started in the year 2002, when she received her first loan of Rs. 5000 for purchase of a milch animal. Following it, she received several cycles of loan from PAT for expanding the dairy business. The latest loan of Rs 50,000 in the year 2017 was invested in acquiring the hotel at the main road. The idea of entering into hotel business was well thought as her husband Sekar is an experienced cook. The hotel has become an additional source of income for the family.



A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. The above saying proved to be fitting well in the case of Ms. R. Kavitha, who has attained an enviable socio-economic stature in life due to her un-shattered determination and toiling hard at work.<br>Kavitha sitting at her grocery shop annexed with her moderate house at Anaikudamhas come across a long way to reach this entrepreneurial venture. The lady at her mid-40’s, mother to two school going children have been instrumental in the holistic growth achieved by the family. She recalls her association with PAT for the past 16 years and terms the 7 cycles of loan she received from the institution as the main source of financial access to fuel her family growth.